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What is individual counseling?

What Happens in Individual Counseling

In individual counseling, you meet privately with a state-licensed counselor in order to make progress toward mental health goals that are set collaboratively. The counselor will use active listening skills and other therapeutic interventions to guide you in exploring and resolving personal difficulties. Counselors are bound by law and professional ethics to respect confidentiality, meaning that none of the details of what you share with your counselor will be disclosed to any third party. Your counselor will not offer specific advice on how to solve your problem; instead, he or she will guide you in developing your own internal resources in order to find a satisfactory solution. Individual counseling is appropriate for adults, teenagers, or children who need professional support with a specific issue related to emotional wellness, interpersonal relationships, or situational problems. Individual counseling is different from family therapy in that the focus is on supporting and developing one person's resources, rather than meeting the needs of the family as a group.

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